Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wind 《风》 EP


所有喜欢陈诗莉的朋友, 你们终于可以享受不用出门就买得到陈诗莉全新EP风了! 只要在这里(网上) 购买就行了。

这张(风) 全新EP 收录了3首由新加坡著名制作人KENN WU 制作的3首歌曲。 第一主打歌 (风)是由Kenn Wu 作曲, 台湾著名音乐人许常德作词。

另外两首分别有(红豆梦) 以及 (万花筒) 是为了内地一部电影 (四大美人) 而制作的主打歌和插曲。 同样的是由Kenn Wu 作曲, 填词的是马来西亚著名音乐人高见。


零售价: RM20.00 包括运费
两张价格: RM35.00 包括运费

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Online Purchase of Desiree's EP (WIND)

Hi to all Desiree's Fans. This is the one and only platform for you guys to enjoy home delivery of Desiree's latest EP (WIND)!

It consists of 3 new songs produced by talented producer from Singapore Kenn Wu. First singles (WIND) is written by Kenn Wu himself and lyrics by famous lyricist/producer Adam Hsu.

Two other songs compiled in the EP is (Red Bean Dream) & Kaleidoscope, also written by Kenn Wu & Bryan Gao, famous Malaysian lyricist. Both songs are written specially for a Chinese Movie called (The Four Beauties) released only in Mainland China.

Retail Price: RM 20.00 inclusive of postage.
Two pieces @ the price of RM35.00 inclusive of postage.

** (F.O.C shipping only applicable for within Malaysia)
** International shipping rate, please email us for quotation.